*UPGRADE * your WIG game with *Becks Buki*

*UPGRADE * your WIG game with *Becks Buki*

Ladies ya’ll remember when wigs were relegated to grandmas and aunties, and weaves were something to hide. Yeah, those days are long gone. Wigs and weaves have been ruling the world for a hot minute.

I love the artistry of a good weave/wig when I see one. Whether you are transitioning to having natural hair or you just want a break from styling your natural hair, wigs can be a life saver for you. And they are more versatile than weaves. Wigs come in a number of awesome, sleek styles… so variety is on your side. You have the option of choosing between different looks, whether you prefer long or short hair, as well as textures.

As you all know I’m not much of a hair wearing chick. I do love a good fro, but I’m too damn impatient, so I kinda only get to rock one when I’m knocked up these days. Lol, and that ain’t about to replay it’s self any time soon. “Ain’t nobody got time for dat”. So if you see me rocking some hair, you know it’s a wig.

So here goes my take on the wig game.

I would firstly advise against wearing any weave or wig that’s uncomfortable or too tight. This will lead to hair breakage and possible balding. And if you choose to wear any hair piece, I would also advise that you please ask a trusting friend for an opinion while in the store.

Why?  I’ll tell you WHY? Cause you don’t wanna be looking a hot mess feeling all fly while people are grinning in your face  and have a good ol’ laugh the minute you turn your back, that’s why.

And you sure as hell don’t want your picture ending up in one of my random blogs, do ya? Yeah!

And as if going bald isn’t bad enough, some ladies be rocking some confused, ratty, bird nest-looking wigs that are only fit to complete a Halloween costume. Just saying, if it isn’t the 1st week of Nov, don’t go there !.


So let’s get to the good stuff.


Why Wigs are a better option that weaves:

* Your natural growing hair can grow with no pressure on the strands, and you get an undisturbed growth without stress.

* More realistic. If you choose to rock human hair that actually suits your face people will not believe it is NOT your natural growing hair unless you tell them and in some cases, show them.

* Versatility: easy to work,  go from a sleek pony to a bouffant sky high in minutes

*  You can remove it while you have a swim or workout – ha ha,  no excuses for not hitting the gym now.

* Lighter on your head.

* Perfect for people going through transitions as you can nurture your hair underneath the wig while rockin a fierce do.

* You can wash & moisturize your natural hair

* You can also wash, and treat the wig, cut restyle etc., depending on quality.

* Easier to experiment with hair colour without damaging your natural growing hair.

* You can spare your hair from chemical processes such as relaxers and perms. So much variety in style and textures

* Quicker to put on. Swish – swash

* Quicker to take off than a sew in weave or Lace front.

* They last for ages, depending on the quality and how frequent you use them, and how well you treat them

You’d be  amazed by the voluminous selection of wigs available out there,  Short bob cuts, long flowing tresses, Brazilian, Peruvian,  Tapioca browns, Jet black, highlighted  wigs that will change your persona in a hot minute.



Customized wigs by Becks Buki

Recommendations: When purchasing your weave, touch and feel the hair. Try picking wigs that are “soft to touch” and go for human hair when possible.  You can get real affordable lush hair made to measure if you look hard enough and at reasonable prices.

My gurl Becks Buki will hook you up with a made to measure personalised wig that will get your neighbours confused cause her wigs are so damn real you are gonna be changing personalities more than recommended. For reals.


Wig in a box, literally

She uses only the best hair qualities and her craftsmanship is superb.

Holla @ her via her Facebook page :


Just another option to keeping your head warm this winter while looking and feeling Fabuloso

Oh, and lastly Liciouz ones, you gotta get the colour right. Figure out your natural undertones. Picking the right hair colour follows the same rules as picking colours for makeup and clothes.

The right tone is one that complements your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out.

Step out of your comfort zone, and live in colour.

Wig out




  1. 6:45 pm-November 14, 2012

    You need to hook me up with one of those wigs. I have a few half wigs, but unless I’ve relaxed my hair it doesn’t look so hot. I’d love to see you rocking a nice looong hair piece :D x

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