The reality of Mothers Day 2012 with René & Petra

The reality of Mothers Day 2012 with René & Petra

Hey ya’ll,

So today is mother’s day, all woopty whoop. I wish my mum and all the wonderful women in my life a happy mother’s day. Mothers do have super human powers.

But can a sister catch a lil break.

Am I the only one that thinks you don’t really start enjoying mother’s day until your kids are grown enough to cook you food and allow you to just be pampered all day long.

Ok, I got 2 lovely cards which my joyful lil ones made @ nursery earlier in the week. It was such a cute thing for René my 4year old son to bring me the cards 1st thing this morning, all coupled with yummy juicy kisses. But daddy is away on a trip so I’m on my jays. Lol. Come back daddy!!!!


Petra’s card


lots of tea love


My babies and I

So once the cuddles and kisses were over, I’m back on the job.

Breakfast, shower, playtime, fight over ipad and 3 sweeping sessions later I totally tried to fool myself by trying to take a nap. Oh dear Abi, what an impossible mission. I literally wanted to be immune to sounds for like 1hour, just an hour, but I guess anyone of you out there with toddlers will know exactly how I feel. 20mins after my attempts to nap I totally gave up. Responding to orders such as, may I have a sandwich please? Not that bread, the other one I like mummy, and lil lady Petra asking for her favourite thing in the world. I WANT SWEETIE, please. Lol. Oh well, more mothers’ day duties beckons, I hear a screech coming from the living room.

I did get a very lovely ping from my lil sis. She’s so thoughtful. Made my heart flicker.


The joyful moments of being a fab yummy mummy

Happy mother’s day everyone



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