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The reality of Mothers Day 2012 with René & Petra

Hey ya’ll,

So today is mother’s day, all woopty whoop. I wish my mum and all the wonderful women in my life a happy mother’s day. Mothers do have super human powers.

But can a sister catch a lil break.

Posted on: 18 Mar 2012
Posted by: Abi
Kim Kardashian divorce


Am I the only one going nuts over this. Shouldn’t really come as a suprise but 75 days, damn Kim, you are killing me on this one. With all the kids suffering for food all over the world, these fools spent 10 million dollars on a wedding that hits the rocks before you hit the rewind button on sky plus. Oh well, such is life.

Posted on: 01 Nov 2011
Posted by: Abi