Stepping my game up – can I hair an amen.

Stepping my game up – can I hair an amen.

So last week I spent a whole day doing a crash course on bridal hair. Being that I get so many requests from brides for hair as well as makeup I figured I’ve turned down enough clients over my fear of having a brain freeze when it comes to the hair part.

I once was a master of hair, many many moons ago,but I lost interest and moved on to other things. Having a bald head for the most part of 10 years hasn’t helped my situation either.

I got to the lovely studio and was greeted with smiley faces all round.. A fresh mug of coffee to warm up and we got straight to work.

There were only 5 students in the class so everyone had their fair share of one to one time with the tutor Laurence, who was super friendly by the way. She made it all seem so easy.

So the tutor did a style and we all had to either do each other’s hair or a training doll to recreate the same look. She stepped it up a notch by timing us as well.

Here are some of my creations. Not so perfect, but ok for a 1st try me thinks, lol


Well you all know I had to get my fingers twirking and twirling with that training doll, cause I sure ain’t got no hair for anyone to mess with. Lol

Other than the fact that training dolls have a lot of uneven bits that frizz out which takes away from the sleek perfect finish, it was pretty cool.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and definitely feel more confident in doing bridal hair now, and I made a few new friends while at it.

So let my late night romance with my training doll begin. I say late night cause there is no way in Peppa pig world that my lil 2 year old Petra will let me do any kinda hair with this doll without her directing the whole show.  I mean that will be like putting a pair of Louboutins on a kerb in broad daylight and expecting no one to walk away with them with a STRAIGHT face Kachiiing, helllooooo!!

Oh wait, I think I might have to find a name for this straight face doll, hmm any suggestions?

Imma sleep on that one.

The tutor said I still got it, so I’m going to run with that. Lots of practice and I think I’m on my way to a new world of creativity.

Brides I’m coming for ya!


1/2 up beehive with curls

French roll / Chignon

Messy side bun


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