Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

Am I the only one feeling the hell outta this track?

This track takes me to so many places at once. The delivery and catchy fun illusive beats makes me feel like I’m in Summertime already. Can’t say much for the British weather at the mo, but when I’m jiving to it in my kitchen I’m transported to an old school jazzy summer barbecue. And those oh so yummy boys.

My ever so silky skinned Pharrell. Damn, he and I danced once you know., like for real, LIVE in FLESH ya’ll. Back when I still knew which clubs were current to attend any day of the week. Those days ….

T.I of course, is killing me with that damn hair brush. Seeing him goofing around makes you feel you can really chill with  him don’t it. Every girl likes a guy they can fool around with and just create idiotic foolery around the house.  Good job on ya, Tiny, cause your boy is looking Phoooine!

Robin Thick!, I can’t shout ladies. That voice, those lil sly moves, yes , he GOT IT! Amen, Sistas.

Happy viewing. :)

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