Olamide – Durosoke . New Single

Olamide has come again O.

This track, fresh off the net “Durosoke” has given me all the life I need today,  WHAT. I broke out into an automatic twerking session immediately when I heard it.

The way he flows from English to Pigeon, to proper Yoruba lingo is just sick. Not to mention the lil gestures in between just lingering in the background, sighs ” Presses rewind and twerks some more”. LOL

Ok, I’m back, but seriously though this track is actually EVERYTHING iz a lie!!

Olamide Baddo Of Life is giving me all the baddness I need in life right now.

Now tell me you ain’t on this beat?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

PS: Don’t even bother if you ain’t got some decent speakers, like seriously, DON’T DO IT.

Lets go……..





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