Oh No You Didn’t ! 4 Makeup Don’ts

Oh No You Didn’t ! 4 Makeup Don’ts

Wrong Foundation shade

Foundation isn’t supposed to give your skin a bit of a tan, nor is it supposed to make it 3 shades lighter.. Instead, it’s supposed to create a perfect, smooth complexion and cover-up any imperfections.

This is why you should always use a foundation which blends in with your skin. Testing on your jawline, forehead, and  or cheek bones (not your hand!) before buying, and when possible, ask for a sample first. That way you can try it at home  and look at your skin in various lighting situations to make sure the shade you choose looks natural.

I think it’s about time to embrace our natural shades. “Who wants to look like an over tanned gypsy chick anyway, right?”

Over bronzing, concealing and wrong shade will get you here



I mean seeing women with foundation lines under the chin visibly showing the difference in skin tone , it always makes me feel all kinds of uneasy. Not to mention the ones that go all out with the concealer under the eyes that are literally 3 shades too light. Get it right. Yes I can see your eyes, no I don’t want to be subjected to your clown face though.


Convincing yourself its ok to put on foundation on bare skin – er’ yuck!

Slathering on foundation over chapped skin is a no no, “horrific,” even. Foundation will only emphasize the flakes by sitting on top of them instead of blending in with your skin. Fix the dryness by exfoliating regularly (to get rid of flakes) and following that up with a rich moisturizer. Smoother skin means a much smoother application and finished look.


Exfoliating is important


While most experts recommend ex foliating at least once a week, preferably twice, we are probably more likely to ex foliate-twice-a-month if you approach it as a chore. But if you make it readily available in your shower, you are more likely to remember to include it in your weekly routine.


Porn star pout

You’ve probably heard, or tried, the trick of lining just outside your natural lip line to make your lips look bigger. Yeah, it’s way easier said than done. One wrong move and you’ll end up looking like Pamela Anderson circa 1993 or Snooki from the Bronx, lol.


Lip liner overspill


If you are going to attempt it, use a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick on the outer line of your lips, without passing over it. Fill in your entire lips as well — that way if your lipstick fades, you don’t wind up with only a line around your mouth. Looking all ghetto unfabulous, nah!


When brows are well groomed they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. I keep seeing all kinds of brows these days.  HD brows, 3D brows. Some brows wanna take off on a flight to unibrow continental. Like seriously what the dealy  ya’ll.

You don’t need to draw an entire new planet on you face to have cute brows. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and all that concealer artwork on the edges are getting way too adventurous.

where does it start, and where does it end ya’ll?


Follow your natural brow line with tweezers or get a professional to trim or thread them to perfection. Sometimes a lil clear mascara sweep on shaped brows is all you need to keep them in place. It ain’t that serious.

And please don’t get me started on the topic of Black Brows , OMG. Larwd knows I need a whole other blog for that ish.

The amount of times I’ve wanted to stop a lady and be like, please save yourself from these brows, better still, have pity on my kids for subjecting them to such horrific sightings. Eyebrows that’ll make you wanna slap yo mama, like dang!  EXAMPLE’S BELOW. I rest my case.

When next you see one of these monstrosities, you can have a silent giggle on my behalf. he he he.

Have a fab week ya’ll. ;)


Jet black brows are NEVER ok, like NEVER!

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