I want PINK!

I want PINK!

This morning, after we dropped off her brother in school Petra came to me as she was taking off her jacket .

Waved hand in air ” Look at my nails! Messy, we need to go to Sam’s shop” . ( New Beautiful Nails BR5) and off we went.

IMAG2755 (449x800) IMAG2757-1 (449x800) (449x800) IMG_20130418_101839 (720x720) IMG_20130418_125709 (800x800) IMG_20130418_125935 (719x719)

She kept asking the min anyone left their seat. ” Is it my turn now”. With the help of ipad as a mini pacifier and some random chats it finally¬† got to her turn and she was ever so delighted with her perfect pink shade nails.

Diva in the making. My lil girl knows whats up.

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