They are part of many women’s everyday beauty routine but London Fire Brigade is asking people to take care after being called to two fires in a week caused by hair straighteners.

Both fires could have had potentially  fatal consequences after the users were thought to have been distracted while using the straighteners.

In one fire a woman fell unconscious and stopped breathing before being resuscitated by firefighters after she left her straighteners switched on, on a wooden laminated floor.

In the other two young boys were rescued from a bedroom by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus after their mother left the straighteners on a pile of clothes to answer a phone call and then got further distracted when she answered the door for a takeaway pizza.

The incidents were of such concern to the Brigade that it prompted them to post a warning and picture of the destroyed straighteners on facebook which was seen by four million people.

A London fire Brigade spokesman said:

“After using hair straighteners you should put them down on a heat proof surface and unplug them straight away because it’s really easy to get distracted.

“The incident also highlights the importance of a working smoke alarm which sounded in one of the incidents  and helped save a woman’s life.”


For more information on preventing fires in the home, go to the Brigade’s website:

Details of the two straighteners fires can be found on the Brigade’s website:

In the first of the two recent incidents two young boys were rescued from a fire, which is thought to have started when a woman left her straighteners on a pile of clothes when she went to the door  to collect a takeaway pizza .

The second fire saw a woman rescued by fire crews wearing breathing apparatus from a house in Southgate after she left her hair straighteners switched on while they lay on a laminated floor.   A picture of the straighteners in this incident was posted on facebook as a warning to other users. .

Stay safe while looking pretty ladies, flick that switch. Safety is KEY!

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