DivaTalks – *With Duncan Mighty – Port Harcourt’s 1st son Gives Us Some Me Time.

DivaTalks – *With Duncan Mighty – Port Harcourt’s 1st son Gives Us Some Me Time.

By: Abi Adeyemi-Kolapo

Make no mistake about it: the soulful baritone voice you hear while gyrating to his music totally rocks in person. The Duncan Wene Mighty shares his story in a light hearted interview with DS during his successful and sold out UK tour.

Who hasn’t heard Obianuju, Port Harcourt Son or Dance for me? And if you want to know how much he’s stepped up his swag game, you need to check out his most recent music video to Port Harcourt Boy Remix since merging to Airemighty Records.

Port Harcourt 1st son as he is fondly referred to in his homeland is surely taking over like a hurricane.

Why is it that his face is not on every magazine, and why do we know so little about him. Well, here is what I found out when he granted me an audience.

He grew on in Niger Delta. Witnessed a lot of the negativity that went on there in his early years. He grew up knowing the facts of life and experiencing the good and bad in a magnified sense.

Growing up in a close knit family with his sister, mother and father, he explains that he had a very humble loving and traditional family. He almost blushes while talking about his mother who he so dearly raves about in every sense of the word. He had an amazing relationship with his father before he sadly passed away over 10years ago. The father he credits for teaching him how to use his voice to captivate others, a bitter sweet memory to him as he is not here today to witness the success of what he created.

He loves animals and spends most of his down time in the studio. Duncan Mighty seems quite reserved, and rather prefers to stay out of the limelight when it’s not concerning his music, which he is so passionate about. His talents are far beyond the voice that makes everything sound so soulful. He’s a producer, songwriter, engineer, activist, entrepreneur, Artist and the list goes on.

I mean, it’s not every day you get a call from the Ice man Chris Aire asking to have you in his camp. Chris Aire now Duncan’s “BOSS” as he refers to him, is not one to be reckoned with when it comes to multimillion dollar business ventures. His clientele list is sick.

Duncan speaks passionately about his many charity foundations involving the youth in his homeland. Helping empower them to use their talents and prepare them for a better future. He gives scholarships, free features with local artists with potential, educating them on the business of entertaining, not just in terms of singing, but making it a residual income.

He also has a major playing construction services company that generates work for the community and does a lot of infrastructure developments in and around Nigeria and Delta. This dude is not playing when it comes to making that paper. He’s got his head on straight. So why at the age of 28 is he still single with no baby mamas out there?

“I have to dedicate my life to my passion, and that right now, is my music and my many businesses”. He hopes to be married sooner than we may think, and wants to do it at the right time.”

I asked what kind of father he thinks he would be, he responded before I could complete the question : “I would be the kind of father that the kids love more than their mother.”

That goes to show he had a perfect example of a father in his, so there is a lucky lady out there who may get this full complete package with a red bow on top. Can I get an Amen?! Ladies get your game face on when next you hear Duncan Mighty is hitting your town. You may just be the lucky one.

There is so much more to Duncan Mighty than he cares to share, but I gotta say ladies, he got it going on, talent with brains and being humble is just a lil icing on the cake.

So ladies, get you a piece of him, buy an album, i tune, share on You Tube, Facebook, Tweet that favourite song, and make it go VIRAL.