Cat Eye – Get Playful with Eyeliner

Cat Eye – Get Playful with Eyeliner



From Anna Sui to Lanvin, eyeliner dominated autumn’s make-up looks. Think graphic exaggerated cats eye liner in black or vivid blue. It was all about illustration, ‘Create a calligraphic flourish of black with liquid eyeliner as seen at Lanvin.’ To get the look, try Motives Liquid Eyeliner RRP £12.00.

Fresh looking cat eyes


Most people do their makeup the same way almost every day. Sure we are all constantly trying the latest mascara and experimenting with a new shade of blush, but our techniques are usually the same. My technique is formulaic and the result is usually subtle on the lips and cheeks with just the slightest bit of colour on the eyes if I’m going all out.

The cat eye is pretty subtle and it is one look I wear often when I don’t want to be bothered but still want to look a little made up.

Not only can this liner look improve or enhance your natural eye shape, it can also distract from puffiness. Leave the bottom lash line completely clean, and the cat eye will get all the attention.

In a nutshell, cat eye makeup is the ideal look for just about everyone, and here’s everything you need to know to master it.

Choose your liner

You’re not going to be very successful if you try to scrawl across your lids with a dried up eyeliner pencil — you need something that will easily glide over your lash line. That’s why the most obvious cat eye liner is a liquid formula, but it’s also the trickiest kind of liner to use.

You need so much concentration. There was a time when one of my clients wanted a cat eye, and I was so rushed but had to do them perfectly — I needed to come up with something else. I  used Motives gel liner, it delivers a luxurious silky smooth application on the skin and dries down to provide long wear with a simple swipe of the brush . If you’re more confident in your makeup free hand skills, I recommend an angled brush and a pot of cream or gel liner.

Figure out your shape

You want to follow the natural curve of your eyes, so the best way to determine the right cat eye shape is to start drawing. But, “if you have downturned eyes you’ll have to fake it a little,”. Instead of following the curve of the top lid, imagine how the bottom lid would extend upwards and draw that line.

Thick cat eye


Start lining

Start with the pencil or brush like New Eve Liquid liner resting on your lashes in the inner corner of the eye. Gently drag it across, letting the line become slightly thicker as you go, until you get to the end of your lashes. Then stop.

Then, start the tail in the opposite direction, with the tip of the brush facing your temple, and draw until you connect the two lines. Either leave the cat eye thin and pointy or thicken it up by adding more layers of liner to the shape.

New Eve Liquid Eye Liner


Make it even

If you work with your eyes open looking straight into the mirror, you’ll easily be able to make the cat eye even on both sides from the get-go. Remember, it’s always easier to add more liner than take it off. If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to get rid of any stray marks or feathering.

Make sure they are even


Exaggerate with lashes

Now that your liner is set, turn your attention to your lashes. While a few coats of black mascara will do the trick, I suggest using a full strip of false lashes to enhance the wing even more. Apply them along your lash line from the inside out, but separate them from your real lashes at the outer corners. This turns the eyes up even more. And the trick is surprisingly subtle. The space (of about a millimetre ) will be invisible because it’s filled with liner, and when you apply mascara the lashes will all blend together.

Natural looking lashes work well

Keep your makeup subtle

The old rule of thumb that you should play up one feature is especially true when it comes to the cat eye. The eyes are the focus, and everything else should be natural. Use your favourite blush and lip gloss but apply lightly, and if you feel naked without colour on your lids then I  suggest  a nude shadow like Motives Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadow  – Bubble gum – £13.50.  Leaving your lower lash line completely bare is ideal.

Motives Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadow – Bubble gum


Take it from day to night

Now that you understand the basics of a daytime cat eye, it would be remiss for me not to tell you how to transform it into a sexy, night makeup look — especially since it’s so simple. When you go out, just extend the line and make it thicker.  It goes from day to night just by pumping it up. You can also  add liner underneath — especially in the waterline — and layer some black, shimmery shadow on top of everything for even more impact.

Or add a tiny bit of color in the inner corner of the eye and vamp up the lips like our fav cat eye wearer below Miss Dita Von Teese. BAM!

Dita Von Teese





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