Can you teach a guy how to do makeup?

Can you teach a guy how to do makeup?

Hi guys and dolls,

It’s been a minute I know. But I’m always the first to say I’m really crap at blogging, but it has to be done every now and then. I can’t keep you guys waiting too long without any info about my random experiences.
So recently I expressed interest in a teaching job opening. Turned out it really was an adventurous opportunity.

Beauty People’s  aim is to work with exciting new brands and help to place them alongside established industry names, creating a buzz and a following for their product, introducing customers to names once only known to industry insiders, and giving them the benefit of their expertise and know how. They are huge.
We set up a meeting, and on meeting my soon to be student it was a pleasant afternoon with lots to talk about.
When I left and realized we had been talking for 3 hours straight I kind of had a feeling we were a perfect match. Long story short, my new friend / student from Edward who is a real hottie might I add & could easily pass for a 19 year old. He’s not by the way. He’s old enough to buy alcohol, that’s all I’m going to say, ladies. ;)
We arranged to meet on Monday morning 10:30am. Early start for me, quick marathon getting my bambinos ready and off to the nursery. Zoomed back by 9:55 and guess who I see at the gate waiting to press the buzzer. Yup, you guessed right, EDWARD. Erm talk about being on point. This dude is not playing. He was like, yeah I thought I’d be late, I walked from the station. I had offered to pick him up, but I guess he’s ready for business. Full of enthusiasm and always eager to help. There is a God somewhere, huh.
We get settled in, tea for him, coffee for me and off we go into the world of discovery, my makeup kit. It’s a pretty busy kit I must say, but he took it all with a stride. He actually knew many of the products already and we researched a few things online while discussing usage, prices etc.

My makeup kit


He took notes and familiarized himself with the products that were new to him.
Sorting through all my different products, some I realized hadn’t been used in months, coupled with a few stories of comical experiences thrown in we suddenly realized it was 15:30, time to end our tutoring session and call it a day.
I literally threw back in what I could into my tool box dashed the rest in an empty bag and zoomed out. Dropped him at the station and off I went to pick my bundles of joy just in time. Then the real work begins.
Needless to say I’ve been down with a bad case of cold since Monday night which is why ya’ll are getting this late. Still sick but the show must go on.
Scheduled to meet up with Edward again next week when we’ll start working on a model to demonstrate how to apply makeup.
Teaching can be so much fun when you have the right student to work with.
Check out some oh so juicy blogs from Beauty People. The place to be when it comes to cosmetics. They are taking over.



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