BREVITY – The Soul of Beauty

BREVITY – The Soul of Beauty


Hey y’all,


It’s me again. Yeah I know it’s been a while, but I did say from the get go that I am very random with my blogs. Same goes for tweeting and Facebook.It just is what it is. Life of a budding entrepreneur / mummy / wifey / beauty editor… list goes on. You really gotta cut me some slack.

 So here goes. 1st I have to rant about the fact that my beloved HTC phone isn’t so user friendly indoors. Taking pictures outdoors with it is effortless, but indoors, it’s a nightmare, , so it means I am rarely bothered with it, however it also means, you guys miss out on a lot of juicy images. I am speaking it into the universe, for a kind soul to donate an awesome camera to me from the God of all things InstaFab.

 Summer is slowly but surely shying it’s way through. Still a bit apprehensive judging by the array of drizzles that led me on school run this morning, but the sky is somewhat looking more promising than the gloomy state it was in a few weeks ago, and it would be nice to capture the happenings in stills. Memories always look better in HD, don’t they. Lol.

I still believe in some miracles, so imma hang in there for that camera to arrive. Where’s my genie at?

With that said, I have to let y’all in on this new line of products I came across about 6 months ago. I have since become a devoured firm believer and fan of the BREVITY brand.

It has been a part of my beauty routine since our first encounter and I haven’t looked back.

Even my younger sister who isn’t a product junkie is now a Brevity chick. After various sleep overs at mine, my Brevity cleanser and moisturizer mysteriously vanished. She claims it’s gentle on her skin as she has been having electrolysis treatments and most products irritate her skin. Brevity is so nutritious for your skin , packed with essential oils yet, so gentle and kind to the skin.

So of course I had to allow her, after all, sharing is caring, and I am all about spreading love.

So many of my clients have tried the testers and ended up purchasing via their website :

I start with the Clear cleansing lotion.

Brevity1[1] (378x640)

When I can be fussed I put a drop on a cotton wool ( I have huge hands so I use the biggest squared cotton wool from boots) apply to my face entirely wiping off any make up if I am wearing any. As a make up remover it is one of the best I have used, especially for eye make up. It cleans without having to rub in as it’s rather silky to the touch . Other times I rub a couple of drops in my palms then onto my face. It feels very silky and glides effortlessly.

Then I follow with the gel bar, which I love using in the special net bag provided.


Brevity2[1] (640x512)

I sew mine in so I don’t have to fuss around with it. That way I just hang it on the shower rail. A quick splash of water and rub on it, and I get a massive lather , applied to my face with a splash and it leaves my face squeaky clean, yet not dry.

Followed by a few sprays of Dermalogica multi – active toner ( this prepares the face for proper moisture absorption). This is not a MUST, however I am a toner user, so I spray this all through the day,  it can be used even after moisturizer and makeup has been applied, just for hydration purposes



Then I apply my Brevity moisturising lotion, and bam, I am good to go.

Brevity3[1] (640x480)


This brand is so under rated. It feels luxurious , smells lush and not over powering and it absolutely feels great. My skin is pretty low maintenance, but I take pride in using decent benefiting products, and it does not have to be a huge world known brand nor expensive. Value for money is always my motto.



Best of all Brevity is always doing promos on their website. Just a click away by liking their page on Facebook :

and their website newsletter to keep updated with latest news and updates and you are sure to be converted into a Brevity chick. “The easiest 3 steps to flawless skin”.  :)








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