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Artists statement

My artwork is organic – constantly evolving with flow of vibrant energy through colour and texture.

 Every time I start on an abstract “acrylic”, I often have no concept of what the painting itself would or should be. I deduce that one of my stronger attributes as an artist is my creative ability to blend a diverse range of media using undertones of music and the turbulence of life experiences.

 I feel a very strong “force” taking over during the act of creation. I am guided through my paintings like a journey. This interactive process between myself, my brush, the canvas and the paint is my responsibility as an artist.

 The concept of my work is usually an infusion of moods and elements. My paintings are vivid, full of life and colour, because this is what I am. They are a reflection of my inner self, respect for the life I lead and treasure.

 Titles are usually instantaneous and more often infer a correlation between the piece and a snapshot of life at that moment.

 Each painting has a message, but surely there are more messages possible than mine, leaving it open to the contemplation of all.

 My work is not prescriptive because I have my own influences and this can only serve to inspire me more. Free will is a prerequisite for my work.

 My “acrylics” are in different sizes and are all extremely marketable depending on your taste and statement.

 My “acrylics” – merely all abstract expressionist pieces – are “my statement”,

 they are “my will”,

 they are “me”.

Abi Adeyemi Kolapo