Abi Adeyemi – Kolapo – AbizArt.  NEL AWARDS NOMINEE – Best Makeup Artist 2012

Abi Adeyemi – Kolapo – AbizArt. NEL AWARDS NOMINEE – Best Makeup Artist 2012


So a few weekends ago I attended the NEL Awards ceremony. Being a 1st time nominee I didn’t really know what to expect.

So getting ready required  running from one end of town to the other, last min shoe change, Ballet, modern  and tap lessons for the bambinos, got to my new fav designer Olivia Kabani’s studio. Dress fitted perfectly and off I went back home, lunch for the kids,  dress etc.

Quick dab of my face primer “that girl” from Benefit which is a silky pink primer that takes your complexion from dull to darling. Can’t live without it. Helps your makeup stay put all day. I was all cheerful and ready to play when I suddenly realized I had run out of foundation. Talk about perfect timing.


So I of course start to rummage through my many stashes of makeup compartments. Yippee I found a brand new benefits Prime and shine foundation box, sent to me few months ago, completely forgot about it. Miraculously it turned out to be my exact shade.

Benefit foundation in Nutmeg is the one. My perfect shade. Can I get an amen.

This bad boy rocks on moisturised skin. Light and feathery, it glides on the skin with just a little pump and you get a pretty good coverage. As seen in my pictures from the NEL Awards ceremony. I was also rocking the highbrow glow jumbo pencil (champagne pink) which created a nice illusion between my lids and brow with ease. You simply apply pencil under your brow following the arch, and lightly blend.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer was used to prime my lids. I’ve had a tube of this for months. It lasts forever and definitely gets those shadows popping.

Another Benefit product I used on the day is Bella Bamba. A brightening, sculpting and defining powder that has three dimensions of pink hues. Swept across the cheeks and hairline to give me a 3 dimensional glow. I was killing em.

My girl Chi Chi ( Miss Nigeria UK) was rocking a black and white 2 piece ensemble.

Myself and Miss Nigeria UK Chi Chi


My fab friend Cece Richman @zircchi   and her phine bro Gerald came to support me. We had the best time. These two are a handful I tell ya.

Nigerian Watch Newspaper clip

The Richmans & I. Cece and Gerald

DivaScribe Editor Adaobi did her thing in a LBD number.

(Right) Myself & DJ Abass

Hmm, Designer Asake Agoro@IAmAsake   was channelling Grace Jones to the T that night. She owned that cape look., yes ma’am.lol

Asake Agoro

Frank White@frank_wh17e  – another fab designer was my fav male dresser of the night. Sexy ala preppie boy look with an evening flip to it. His lady was doing her thang in a floaty evening dress also.

Wale Ojo came in looking like James Bond, in a sleek black suit. Cool swag

(Left) Frank White & Fiancé. (Right) Wale Ojo


Junior Adeosun


My boy Junior Adeosun of Smade entertainment@iamSMADE , did his thang in a nice mis machted burgundy suit. The venue was full of some dopeness.

I had the pleasure of being dressed by Olivia Kabani. An up and coming designer.

I said I wanted a power dress, and boy did she nail it. My dress was buttercream, structured and was shouting the bizzness everywhere I turned. I was wearing that DRESS yall! Literally everyone complimented my dress and it made me feel awesome. So not wining wasn’t too bad as my dress kinda WON. Yes LAWD!.

I was all about that dress and then some, you couldn’t say nothing to me that night without me mentioning Olivia Kabani, and my pictures have been playing mind games on people ever since, Lol. Excuse me if I am milking this lil episode a lil too much, but dues gotta be paid. This chuiqa designed me a hella fly dress, and is defo now my favourite dress, like EVER.

The supreme cuts, the detailing, the minimalism effect and it was just shouting in an ever so quiet voice “BOSSS BITCH!”

SO thank you Olivia Kabani for complimenting my fabness. You totally rock.


I rocked Olivia Kabani and loved IT.

If you loved the way I Rocked Olivia Kabani. Ya’ll can get you a piece from her via Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/olivia.kabani.5?fref=ts

Follow her on Twitter – @OliviaKabani

A force to be reckoned with. Olivia scissorhands is in the building, Lol.

Watch this space.

Thank you NEL AWARDS for my 1st nomination in the Makeup Industry. I was totally grinning for a hot minute…… :)

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