Seduction – René

Seduction – René


This painting was inspired by by son René. He was just over 1yr of age when I painted it. He’s now 4 and full of life, bubbly chatty and a budding model . He and his lil sis Petra  (nearly 2) are the reason I hardly get a chance to paint anymore. They sure do keep me busy, but I dare not complain cause they bring me so much joy.

Funny how pink is now René’s fav colour. I mean for a boy he sure does love pink , much to his daddy’s disbelief @ 1st, but he soon got used to it, cause René is ready to ponce on anyone who tells him pink is not for boys. He is the most boyish kid, yet so caring and sensitive @ times.

Guess mummy always knew he would love pink.

I am so excited and get a rush of goodness every time I see this piece. It really does mirror his personality, No fear, happy ,bold, insightful, mature, fun, bright, colorful…………



Children are truly the source of happiness . Cause I loves me some René & Petra :)

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